Speedpost: 千值練 Flame Toys 人機巧 Hito Kara Kuri Arkham Knight “Batman” TOYSTV Unbox

The redesigned series from Sentinel 千值練 Flame Toys 人機巧 Hito Kara Kuri Arkham Knight “Batman” .
Captured alive by The Joker, Jason Todd suffered cruel physical and mental torture. He was brainwashed to hold a deep-rooted grudge against Batman and fully intended to kill the vigilante after making him suffer. He later became the Arkham Knight, the mysterious commander of a vast militia of mercenaries. To defeat Batman, he allied himself with Scarecrow and managed to gather Gotham City’s most powerful villains who invaded Gotham and forced its evacuation during the events of [Batman: Arkham Knight].
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